Fullstack Web Developer

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Job description

As part of a Technical Skills Centre in Web development, you will take charge of high added-value projects, and in particular will be responsible for:

  • The design, modelling and development of projects or parts of technical projects
  • Managing R&D projects
  • Implementing innovative development technologies and techniques
  • Application development with an emphasis on quality, meeting deadlines, stability and sustainability


  • Baccalaureate plus 3/5 years’ higher education in computer science
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in Web Development
  • Advanced knowledge of PHP/Ajax/JS/CSS/HTML languages
  • Good knowledge of Symfony 2/3 and Magento 1.9/2, Git and Angular notations a plus
  • Mastery of relational database technology (MySQL in particular) preferred
  • First-hand project experience in Agile/Scrum methodology an advantage
  • You are recognised for your customer focus and respect for the quality of your work as well as your commitment
  • Strong communication skills, you are a team player with a real sense of service
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Curiosity in the field of new technologies

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