Omnichannel Platform

Omnichannel platform for an enhanced customer experience and improved customer relationship

The CapInfo Omnichannel platform creates an enhanced customer experience thanks to its loyalty programme management, sales promotions and gift card management modules. A unique, open and modular platform, it enables Retailers to provide customers with a seamless and consistent purchasing experience across all digital and physical channels.


Driver of Sales Promotions

Promotional campaigns

Exploit the potential of our promotions engine to create relevant marketing campaigns. With its numerous targeting criteria and powerful algorithms, your Marketing Department can have free rein.

Personalised offers

Take advantage of the customer data stored in our solutions to create personalised offers that are relevant to your customers, thereby enabling you to significantly increase your repeat purchase rate across your entire network.

Omnichannel Scenario

Apply the Unified Commerce concept by managing and centralising the sales promotions of all your touch points in one single solution. You can also take advantage of its interoperability for integration with third-party solutions.


Easily evaluate the performance of your sales promotions through usage rate indicators of coupons issued or using statistics of the revenue generated over the promotional period.


Loyalty Programme

Loyalty engine

Create relevant and personalised loyalty programmes to retain and reward the engagement of your most valuable customers. Personalise them according to the profile of your customers, their buying habits or preferences so they feel truly unique.

Smartphone Application

Offer your customers the opportunity to monitor their loyalty programme from their smartphone. With the dedicated application, they can access their account, monitor their status, see the benefits or promotions currently available to them or redeem their vouchers or coupons.

Customer Experience

Eliminate all existing frictions between the different channels by offering your customers the opportunity to accumulate and freely use their points or benefits across all online and off-line touch points.


Measure the effectiveness and performance of your loyalty programme by examining the re-engagement rate of your customers, their online and off-line visiting rate and increase in size of their average shopping basket.


Gift Card

Omnichannel Scenario

Give your customers a high level of flexibility by enabling them to offer gift cards that can be redeemed both in-store and online. Define your management rules to determine if they are divisible or recrediting for example.


Securely accept gift cards in all contexts: on your e-commerce site, in your stores through our current checkout solution or through your payment terminal.

Physical or Virtual

Freely define whether you wish to create a personalisable physical device to reflect your brand image or one that is completely virtual for your gift cards.


Monitor the status of your gift cards and define, for example, the key indicators for communicating the amounts to be set aside at the end of the accounting period to your Finance Department


Orchestration of customer orders

Order life cycle

Simplify your processes, optimise your efficiency and provide your customers with the best possible order processing experience. Capture each order uniformly, optimise stock allocation and processing and benefit from a global vision of the life cycle of your orders, all in an omnichannel approach.

Differentiated customer experience

Reinvent and deploy popular shopping services such as “Click & Collect”, “Ship-From-Store”, “Buy Online Return In Store”, e-Reservation or “Test & Carry” that can be easily deployed and centralised through our OMS.

Stock visibility

Nurture your customer relationships with 360° real-time vision of stock and reservations. Maximise the availability of your items, offer a wide choice of products based on your stock in stores.

Smooth purchasing process

Streamline your customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to simply initiate their shopping cart on one channel and finalise it on another. Once finalised, you can offer them the opportunity to track the status and progress of their order.


Product catalogue management

Harmonisation of data & product information

Organise the enrichment of product information by all business lines. Centralise, enrich, create, store and manage all your data and product information within our unique CAP PIM module.

Dissemination of information

Easily disseminate your data to all your contact points, while adapting them to the context and significantly reducing “time to market”.

Customer experience

Provide a rich and qualitative product experience for your customers. Strengthen the relevance of customer interaction with information that is always up-to-date. Harmonise product information regardless of the contact channel.

Ease of integration

Import your different files, connect the CAP PIM to any database, bring your suppliers on board. Integrate a simple and scalable import engine that will facilitate your data collection processes.

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