Providing software solutions throughout the customer shopping experience

The core business of CAP Info, we are, first and foremost, a Retail software solutions provider. To guarantee unrivalled feature-rich software and offer our customers real expertise, we have always chosen to specialise in Front Office solutions. Coupled with market leader Back Office solutions, our solutions based on modern, scalable and open technologies enable our customers to address both existing and future retail issues.


Verticalisation of our solutions

Our software solutions have been designed and developed specifically for the Retail market. They include all the Front Office features and are used daily by leading stores on their market.

These features have been designed drawing on the expertise of our employees and the sharing of our customers’ know-how.

Even though our current solutions are feature-rich, the advent of omnichannel and tightening of legal constraints are forcing CAP Info to continuously innovate and provide new solutions to meet these challenges.

Technological Platform

The CAP Info technological platform is resolutely open and flexible for easy integration into an existing information system and to facilitate omnichannel interactions.

Unlike other cumbersome and costly solutions available on the market, you do not need to rethink all your existing processes and solutions. With our scalable approach, you can rapidly implement an exceptional customer shopping experience while minimising the risks.

This scalability and flexibility are possible thanks to the size of our API library that facilitates not only the integration of our own software solutions into your information system but also those of your partners.