Creating a unique customer experience

At CAP Info, Service is a key word that drives our day-to-day activity. Every day, we work with our customers so they can respond to existing and future business challenges through our hardware and software solutions. So that our customers can maximise the added value of our solutions, we also offer an extensive range of services, including integration, telephone support, hardware and software maintenance, hosting and monitoring of technical infrastructures.


Customer Success

Project Management

In light of the challenges, it is vital that the integration of our solutions meets your time constraints and your requirements. To do this, we provide you with experienced project managers and Retail experts. Trained in our CAPCAC methodology, based on agile methods, they will provide you with the required level of advice throughout the integration process.

Expertise & Configuration of the Solution

Our solutions are highly customisable in order to meet your needs and your business model. Through analysis workshops, our technical experts and project managers will share good practices with you and provide deliverables specifying the settings required to configure the solution.


Training your employees is a key stage of the integration process, so they are able to use all the features and really maximise our solutions.

This training may be delivered in the form of “classroom” training sessions, conducted in your premises, in-store or in one of our offices. Training may also be provided on an individual basis or it may be via a transfer of skills to your change management department.

Software maintenance

Support Level 2 & 3

Following the implementation of our software solutions, CAP Info is committed to their maintenance so it can solve any problems that may arise and provide you with new updates. These include improving and adding new features.

Indeed, the CAP Info software maintenance service includes corrective maintenance, but also upgrading and legislative maintenance.

Support Level 1

This service may be supplemented by Level 1 telephone support covering the opening hours of your stores. These stores can directly contact our teams to obtain an instant diagnosis and response to their query. To guarantee a high level of quality, this service is specific to CAP Info and located close to the development and integration teams. A web portal is also available for referencing all exchanges between customers and CAP Info.


Hardware maintenance

Because the failure of checkout or payment equipment could severely damage your business, CAP Info also offers a wide range of hardware maintenance.

From diagnosing the failure through our telephone support line to the installation of replacement equipment in-store, we are able to offer you shared or dedicated spare part management solutions, as well as a next-day service commitment.

Monitoring & Hosting

As part of your e-commerce activities, it is vital to reduce the risk of unavailability of your site in order to minimise the impact on your turnover, and to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience where all sales promotions are correctly implemented and periods of peak activity are absorbed.

To address these challenges, CAP Info has included a Hosting and Monitoring offer in its portfolio of services to guarantee a high level of availability. Thanks to technical surveys and professional expertise, monitoring is ensured in real-time.