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Solutions for connected stores & POS

EASY STORE helps Retailers simplify the management of their daily tasks and enhance the customer experience across their points of sale through its hardware solutions and innovative applications: in-store collection, cataloguing, clienteling, order taking & mobile payment, Click & Collect, … Thanks to its unique customer management and omnichannel shopping basket, CapInfo eliminates all existing frictions between the various different channels.


In-store checkout solution


CAP POS is equipped with numerous checkout features enabling you to meet the demands of your customers. In addition, its intuitive interface makes it easy to use and reduces training costs.


Take advantage of an open and flexible technical architecture so you can integrate CAP POS easily into your existing information system, in particular using its web services library.

Autonomous mode

Secure your in-store transactions with autonomous mode and continue your activity even if you lose connection with your data centre.


Benefit from a highly secure solution with its high level configuration of user access rights and that meets regulatory requirements, such as Article 88.


Customer support and mobile checkout solution

Customer support

Support your customers throughout their shopping experience from your points of sale. Provide them with information about the products and stock availability.

Unified experience

Be sure to offer a unified experience thanks to real-time access to data. The terms and conditions shall apply in the same way as for the traditional checkout.

Sales Performance

Never miss a sale. With mobile checkout, you reduce wait times at the checkout during peak traffic periods and deliver great customer service to your busiest customers.


Focus your salespeople on their core business and on enhancing the customer experience by taking advantage of the intuitiveness and simplicity of our solutions, thereby facilitating user training.


Digital cataloguing & clienteling solution

Omnichannel Basket

With our omnichannel shopping basket, you can reduce frictions between silos as it allows you to order products from different channels in one go.


Keep your customers updated with an interactive product catalogue including detailed information, customer reviews, or content from social networks.

Stock visibility

Help your salespeople and your customers share the availability of stock in all your stores for the full portfolio of products.

Device & OS

Free yourself from the constraints associated with the device and OS. Our solution works equally on iOS, Android and Windows, and supports all device formats on the market: tablet, smarpthone, digital terminal, etc.


Customer order management solution

Customer Order Taking

Enable your salespeople to enter customer quotes or orders on the shop floor. Let them freely specify whether the customer wishes to take their goods away immediately, later, or have them delivered to their home.

OMS Order Management

Optimise the management of your customers’ orders with our prioritisation engine.

Click & Collect

As part of a Click & Collect customer order, notify your customers by SMS as soon as the goods are ready for collection.


Track the progress of the order from its validation through to its receipt using our indicators and reporting tools.

Did you know that the Easy Store suite also includes in-store operations management solutions to manage inventories, the receipt of goods and stock movements,
or labelling and tagging?

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