Seamless Web

Omnichannel e-Commerce and Click & Collect Platform

SEAMLESS WEB provides Retailers with a natively omnichannel e-commerce platform, offering seamless services, such as web-to-store or ship-to-store. In addition to being able to create unique online shopping experiences that exceed customers’ expectations, Seamless Web also offers you the opportunity to fully manage the order life cycle and associated logistics flows.


Omnichannel e-Commerce Platform


Quickly create and launch your online sales website with a natively responsive design, while at the same time benefiting from advanced e-commerce functionalities, such as catalogue management, dynamic recommendations or the latest payment methods.

Customer Experience

Offer your customers a seamless shopping experience. Whether Offline or Online, it has never been easier for them to take advantage of their personalised sales promotions and benefits related to their loyalty programme.

Omnichannel Basket

Offer a omnichannel basket that is transposable across all your touch points to improve your conversion rate. A conversion rate of 35% at the market average has been reported by all our customers.


Fully personalise the customer experience using the advanced merchandising features, such as navigation optimisation in each product category or the customisation of search results.


Click & Collect Solution


Allow your customers to reserve products online and pick them up in store in under one hour to shorten delivery times while simultaneously generating traffic in your stores.


Ask your stores to ship products ordered over the Web by your customers when they are not available in the warehouse dedicated to e-Commerce.

Order management

Take advantage of all the features of the Click & Collect customer order management module to help your sales staff prepare the order and optimise the in-store picking flow.


Tailor the solution to your organisation. It can be operated either in the form of a widget integrated on your existing e-commerce site via web services or as a dedicated site.


Management of Logistics Flows

Zone Mapping

Model your logistics warehouse by specifying the different stores, areas, aisles, rows, etc. Print associated labels to identify the various locations.

Order picking flows

Logically organise your order preparation using the automatic order picking system optimisation engine.

Receipt of stock & Inventory management

Record your stock entries with a PDA using the mobile version of the solution. Perform your stock movements and manage your various after-sales return flows with great ease.

Assignment & Preparation

Manage your crates per trolley and the assignment of batches per operator while taking account of priorities and additional urgency levels. Automatically generate shipping labels for multiple carriers.

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