Mobile and digital solution dedicated to Local Retail and Leisure


If you are an independent restaurant or part of a chain, a night club, beach manager, campsite, a seaside or mountain hotel complex, a Pizzeria, pub or bar, an organiser of exhibitions or trade shows, a festival, amusement park, organiser of a sporting or cultural event…

heyou is the solution you’ve been waiting for to put a smile on the face of all your customers and make them happy

  • No more endless waiting to order your meal, snack or drink
  • No more waiting to be served
  • No more queuing to pay your bill
  • No more unhappy customers who tarnish the image your establishment
  • No more unappetising menu cards with no detail of your food or drinks,
  • Gone is the waiter/waitress who cannot translate your menu into multiple languages to the despair of international customers
  • No more missed sales during an unexpected rush or unpredictable busy periods
  • No more forgotten customers and associated drops in sales
  • Gone is the waiter/waitress who doesn’t show up at the last moment and ruins your service
  • No more frantically running around to seat customers, take orders, serve and take money

Make your customers happy, boost your turnover, run your department with composure and professionalism –
Choosing heyou is providing a great product for all your customers and advocating a quality label.


The most of our solution:

  • iOS and Android application solution
  • Multi-support solution Smartphone-Tablet-Terminal-PC
  • User-friendly, scalable and multilingual solution
  • Solution that complies with the requirements of Article 88 and RGPD standards
  • Solution with real-time monitoring of your turnover
  • Solution integrating express end of day cashing up
  • Solution that gives you a real competitive advantage in your market

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